About Us

Hurray! we are open again at a new home THE BOMB SHELTER 923 Bank Street, Akron, Ohio 44305.

The TV Dinner Club Museum (TVDCM) is a non-profit, tax exempt, corporation that displays the art & artifacts of mid-20th Century American TV. And --"it's awesome" according to Miller South school kids.

This unique inaugural show The TV Zone was made possible by the generous site donation of the

Chemstress Consultant Company with the assistance of CB Richard Ellis (CBRE).

Opening reception was Friday, November 18, 2005--a good time was had by all!

"The genius of the museum is how it instantly connects folks through their shared memories of childhood." (one visitor's note of thanks)

The TV Zone--We're living in it!

See the TOUR pages of this site to virtually preview The TV Zone show. NOTE: The pics had to be taken with the work lights "on"--so the images are brighter than normally.

330-434-2509 for Voice Mailbox info or to leave a message.